Lease Assumption

Taking Over a Automobile Lease

A automobile lease assumption is when a credit qualified person takes over the payments of a leased vehicle with the approval of the lease or finance company, and assumes the contractual rights and responsibilities under the current lease term of the auto lease agreement. FreeLease is Canada's Auto Lease Marketplace facilitating auto lease assumption and auto lease transfer. FreeLease makes auto lease assumption simple by being the market leader for automobile lease takeover and automobile lease transfer in Canada, thus providing drivers with a large selection of leases to choose from.

Drivers can search leases on all types of used vehicles such as Audi Lease, Acura Lease, BMW Lease, Chevrolet Lease, Ford Lease, Honda Lease, Lexus Lease, Mercedes Lease, Porsche Lease, Toyota Lease and VW Lease. Drivers will discover the many benefits of auto lease assumption when compared a regular auto lease. You can save thousands of dollars when assuming a used auto lease; savings include no down payment, taxes, as well as enjoy a short term auto lease. Sometimes sellers even offer new drivers a fee or incentive for you to assume their auto lease.

You can proceed to take over a lease now by viewing FreeLease's selection of existing automobile leases. These used auto leases are viewable by vehicle categories, make, model, monthly payments, months remaining, or province where the vehicle is located. The results can be sorted and viewed as general or as specific as you choose, including location, make, and months remaining.