Lease Takeover

Automobile Lease Takeover

Automobile lease takeovers has become an increasing popular alternative to auto leasing regardless if you are in a auto lease now or looking to lease your next vehicle in Canada. Drivers with a lease realize they are no longer bound to their vehicle lease as long as they find a credit-worthy driver to continue the lease obligation. Lease takeover provides the most affordable option to break a lease early.

Drivers who take over a lease can reap numerous benefits such as the down payment, freight, and taxes paid by the original lessee at lease inception, all adding up to thousands of dollars. Another appeal is the flexibilty of a short term lease in a lease takeover that is unmatched in new leases. As FreeLease provides leases throughout Canada & The United States, a lease takeover can can easily take place from outside their local area. Users understand that the savings from FreeLease are substantially greater than the cost of bringing or shipping a automobile back home.

The lease takeover process is also very simple. Once buyers and sellers confirm the transfer, the process takes about five days for the lease transfer to complete.